North Queensland Civil Construction Association

North Queensland Civil Construction Association Inc.

The North Queensland Civil Construction Association is a member’s association designed to represent civil contractors based in North Queensland (from Mackay north) by:

  • Advocating for locally based civil contractors to be awarded more work in their regions (as opposed to using contractors based outside the region) in accordance with the state government procurement policy 2017
  • Establishing networks between civil contractors in different fields and different regions.
  • Provide forums for civil contractors to discuss matters of importance in the industry and learn about opportunities.

Initially a Cairns based civil contractors advocacy group was previously run through the Cairns Chamber of Commerce.

This new association replaces the organisation run with the Chamber of Commerce and will be an independent body representing civil contractors right across North Queensland. Phil Cassell a founding member and current President credits this group with playing a key part in the recently enacted local government procurement policy 2017 relating to providing local contractors with extra weighting for government projects. He also credits the group with major success with PDR road projects and the security of payments act.

The North Queensland Civil Construction Association is a Queensland Incorporated Association with the incorporation documents for the association including the association rules available for members.

Membership is available for civil construction entities from all aspects of the industry from Mackay to Torres Straits and out to the NT border, covering all regional areas and contractors. It is a members group with each member paying the same fees ($550 inc GST annually) and having one voice, one seat at the table and equal concerns to be addressed. No member is bigger or smaller than any other member.

The membership fees are used to progress industry issues and needs, conduct industry forums and educational seminars, not to enhance the lifestyle of the executive members or the chairman.

Meetings are conducted quarterly in Cairns, Townsville and Mackay however issues can be raised at any time through correspondence. Given the political tenderness of Queensland and north Queensland hosting some of the most valuable seats in the state, this group is primed to take advantage of this time and continue to hold the ear of government, but the power of advocacy is in numbers.

The civil construction industry in the north is one of the largest industries and employs a vast number of people who vote and contribute to their communities and so I urge you to consider becoming a member today.